Helping Meet Culver City’s Housing Needs

5700 Hannum transforms approximately 2.2 acres in the Fox Hills neighborhood along Hannum Avenue and Buckingham Parkway into a beautiful mixed-use project that is predominately housing, including affordable units. The project is consistent with the updated Housing Element, meeting the city’s future goals and providing much needed housing units. The 6-story project creates a vibrant transition between commercial uses to the north and west and residential uses to the east for neighbors and pedestrians by providing new retail, open space, and housing at street level.

Delivers Needed Housing in Culver City

5700 Hannum will deliver several hundred new units of high-quality rental housing. These units will help meet the City’s housing shortage. The modern building will feature a wide array of sustainability efforts and mobility programs designed to promote walking, biking, and access to public transit.

Consistent with Culver City’s Housing Element Update and State Law

In 2022, the City Council adopted a comprehensive Housing Element designed to ensure enough housing can be built to meet the needs of the community in Culver City. In October, the state found the Housing Element to be in full compliance with state law. The Housing Element designates 5700 Hannum as a site for mixed-use development with density of up to 100 housing units per acre. The proposed project is consistent with this new designation as adopted in the plan approved by the City Council.

Creating a Beautiful Space to Walk

This project enlivens the area and provides new features at the street level that enhances the experience for pedestrians. The design will activate the street with wider sidewalks and landscaping with planters and street trees, a beautiful open public plaza, built-in seating, and nighttime lighting.

Embracing Environmental Best Practices

5700 Hannum incorporates smart, sustainable design features. The project will capture rainwater and reuse it for irrigation or infiltrate it within the site. The building will not use natural gas for heating or stoves. Instead, it will be 100% electric in residential units. Other features include energy-efficient smart lighting, natural ventilation, charging stations for electric vehicles, and bicycle parking.


Located in the Southwest portion of the city along Hannum Avenue and Buckingham Parkway, 5700 Hannum transforms an underutilized site, replacing a 1970s vintage office building and an asphalt-paved surface parking lot. The project helps create a transition between the office buildings at Corporate Pointe and the residential area of Fox Hills.